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Contest: Free TON goes to TikTok

Description: #8 Contest: Free TON goes to TikTok.pdf

#8 Contest: Free TON goes to TikTok


The contest is created for TikTok bloggers with a fairly large number of subscribers. It is not limited in creative imagination and is designed for bloggers’ everyday videos on any convenient topic. The ideal goal is to create a “viral” video. The main goal is a creative and memorable mention of Free TON and/or TON Crystal, and/or TON Surf, and/or anything related to that community, blockchain, token, etc. Mentions can be “native” or direct - it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to arouse interest and appropriate visual associations.

Examples of potential visual associations: Free TON (new blockchain, security, anonymity, community, partnership, contests, software and app development, games, DeBots, decentralization, freedom, simplicity, anti-censorship, speed, free internet); TON Crystal (cryptocurrency, tokens, payment instrument, freedom, decentralization, crypto exchanges, speed, savings, assets, growth, “to the moon”); TON Surf (anonymous messenger, browser, crypto-wallet, security, anonymity, freedom, simplicity).

Materials to help select the theme of the videos, associativity, or the way key criteria are mentioned ( for example, not mandatory ):

Video footage:

How the Telegram blockchain project came into being, closed down, and revived (RU)
Free TON: does Telegram and Pavel Durov need the project? (RU)
Free TON Video Presentation: review of the contest results (EN)

Text materials (there is a choice of reading language: EN, RU, FR, ES):

Free TON House
Free TON — The Open Network
“Thought Is Free”
Liberty, Equality, Free TON
Free TON. For broad audience
Free TON. For developers
Free TON. Ethical. Decentralized. Profitable.
Free TON Cares for your Privacy
Concisely about Free TON. Concisely about the future
Reasoning on the topic “Free TON — technology for solving Internet problems”
The Virtual Hero of Free TON is “Miss Panties”, are you serious?

Telegram Channels:

Contests: Memes and Pictures for Social Networks (RU)
Online news aggregator about Free TON (TON Journal) (RU)
News Channel (MOVETON) (RU)
News Channel (Free TON News) (EN)
Contests: Memes and Pictures for Social Networks (EN)
Visual Brand Communication Contests (EN)

Free TON Logos:

Logos (Archive 1)
Logos on Figma
Logos (Archive 2)

The main websites and social networks Free TON:

Free TON websites
Free TON Forum
Free TON Twitter
Free TON Youtube
Free TON Reddit
Free TON Medium
Free TON Facebook
Free TON Linkedin
Free TON Instagram


Don’t limit yourself by topics and number of videos, become one of the members of Free TON community, convey your thoughts, emotions and friendly message to your subscribers to attract the attention of new members and expand the community. Visualize everything about Free TON in your everyday life.

If there are any unclear points about the requirements for a video, terms and conditions of the contest, applying for the contest or any other questions, do not hesitate to ask in the contest topic in the Forum . We’ll be happy to answer any questions.


Video contest

Application time:

24.03.2021 (00:00 UTC) – 11.04.2021 (23:59 UTC).

Voting time:

12.04.2021 (00:00 UTC) – 21.04.2021 (23:59 UTC).

Winner rewards:

For bloggers with between 20 000 and 99 999 subscribers:

1 prize – 500 TON Crystal;
2 prize – 450 TON Crystal;
3 prize – 400 TON Crystal;
4 prize – 350 TON Crystal;
5 prize – 300 TON Crystal.

For bloggers with between 100 000 and 499 999 subscribers:

1 prize – 750 TON Crystal;
2 prize – 700 TON Crystal;
3 prize – 650 TON Crystal;
4 prize – 600 TON Crystal;
5 prize – 550 TON Crystal.

For bloggers with between 500 000 and 999 999 subscribers:

1 prize – 1000 TON Crystal;
2 prize – 950 TON Crystal;
3 prize – 900 TON Crystal;
4 prize – 850 TON Crystal;
5 prize – 800 TON Crystal.

For bloggers with 1 000 000 or more subscribers:

1 prize – 1500 TON Crystal;
2 prize – 1400 TON Crystal;
3 prize – 1300 TON Crystal;
4 prize – 1200 TON Crystal;
5 prize – 1100 TON Crystal.

Referral program:

For each attracted participant of the contest, any member of the Free TON community who has made an effort for this will receive a bonus depending on the number of TikTok blogger subscribers:

Bloggers with 20 000 to 99 999 subscribers – 5 TON Crystal;
Bloggers with 100 000 to 499 999 subscribers – 10 TON Crystal;
Bloggers with 500 000 to 999 999 subscribers – 15 TON Crystal;
Bloggers with 1 000 000 or more subscribers – 20 TON Crystal.

To get the referral bonus, the contest participant must indicate your Telegram username in his submission (in a PDF document), and also meet the requirements for participants and contest content requirements and/or his submission was not rejected by the jury.

During the contest (submitting and voting) you have to write a message with your Telegram username and Free TON wallet address in the contest topic on the Forum to get referral bonuses.

All referral bonuses will be counted and paid after the contest and voting on it is completed. Only one person can get a bonus for attracted participant. The maximum limit for one person is 10 attracted participants.

Failure to comply with the conditions of the referral program deprives you of the right to receive such a bonus.

Requirements for participants (bloggers):

1. Participant’s age – 18 years and older;

2. Number of subscribers in TikTok profile – at least 20 000;

3. Average number of views of each video not participating in this contest in the profile – at least 10% of the number of subscribers;

4. The number of likes collected – at least 10% of the number of subscribers;

5. Target audience of the blogger – 18 years and older.

Procedural requirements:

1. Each blogger must create and post at least one (more if desired) video in their TikTok profile that meets the “Description” section and these procedural requirements;

2. Each contest video must have the hashtag #FreeTON and/or #TONCrystal, and/or #TONSurf underneath it. The order and number of these hashtags does not matter;

3. The submission for this contest must be submitted in English and only in PDF document format, which includes:

  • a link to your TikTok account;

  • the age of the participant of the contest;

  • a brief description: what is the main audience of the blogger (age, gender, etc.), what are the main directions of the genre of videos, other important aspects at his discretion;

  • a link to the contest video posted in the TikTok profile;

  • participant’s Telegram username (to contact them if necessary);

  • Free TON wallet address to receive the reward in TON Crystal tokens in case of winning the contest;

4. In the topic of the contest in the Free TON Forum , you need to write a comment in English with a link to the contest video posted in your TikTok profile (or copy all the text from your PDF document and paste it). Later you will need a link to this your comment from the Forum to enter in the Contest interface ;

5. For this contest it is allowed to submit multiple works by one participant. In this case, each entry is submitted separately and accompanied by a separate message in the contest topic on the Forum. Accordingly, each submission will also be evaluated separately, which increases the chances of winning for each participant;

6. The text and/or speech in the contest video may be in English or in Russian. But preferred language is English;

7. All submissions must be accessible for the jury to open and view, so please double-check your submission. If the submission is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, jurors will reject the submission.

8. Contestants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.

9. All competition works must be original and not plagiarized or repeated. Otherwise, such entries will be rejected by the Jury.

10. If you participate on the recommendation of a friend or member of the Free TON community, please make him/her happy by including his/her Telegram username in your submission (PDF document) so that he/she can receive a bonus for a successful recommendation (this condition is voluntary and not mandatory).


Voting by the jurors is carried out according to the section “Rights and duties of the winner as a Jury member” , which has been accepted by " Global Community SG – Jury Selection" contest. Therefore, it is imperative that the Jury read this section again.

In order for a participant to become one of the winners:

  • The submission must receive points 1-10 from 50%+1 votes of those Jury members who actually voted for that submission;

  • The submission must receive an average point of 5.00 or higher after voting.

If several participants score the same number of points, the total amount of rewards, according to the number of prizes, equal to the number of these participants, is divided between them equally.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 20-40% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback.

Gradation of awards depending on the number of applications:

up to 50 submissions – 20% of the total amount of tokens awarded to the winners;
50-99 submissions – 25% of the total amount of tokens awarded to the winners;
100-149 submissions – 30% of the total amount of tokens awarded to the winners;
150-199 submissions – 35% of the total amount of tokens awarded to the winners;
200 or more submissions – 40% of the total amount of tokens awarded to the winners.

This percentage will be awarded on the following basis:

The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts. For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.

Qualified feedback is mandatory in order to collect any rewards.

Winners works:

Added 14 submission(s)


Submission 14


0:4282 • 17:30:00 • Apr 11, 2021



Submission 13


0:b965 • 14:24:29 • Apr 10, 2021



Submission 12


0:6e9d • 13:16:25 • Apr 10, 2021



Submission 11


0:4282 • 17:37:16 • Apr 9, 2021



Submission 10


0:2b32 • 22:58:39 • Apr 8, 2021



Submission 9


0:887c • 20:54:36 • Apr 8, 2021



Submission 8


0:887c • 19:48:20 • Apr 8, 2021



Submission 7


0:38b3 • 18:57:20 • Apr 8, 2021



Submission 6


0:6e9d • 07:56:48 • Apr 8, 2021



Submission 5


0:e26f • 21:36:12 • Apr 7, 2021



Submission 4


0:8545 • 20:46:17 • Apr 7, 2021



Submission 3


0:2f47 • 20:12:28 • Apr 7, 2021



Submission 2


0:32f7 • 20:00:57 • Apr 7, 2021



Submission 1


0:3f05 • 23:04:05 • Apr 6, 2021

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Examples of potential visual associations: Free TON


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5 prize – 1100 TON Crystal.